With prophetic eye I peer into the future

and I saw that we shall perish;

this evil we all conceal

I see, would eventually eat us up.



With prophetic eye I look to our future,

I see that religiosity would munch us.

With no forbidden limits, I saw terror

I see, religion won't help us. 


With prophetic eye I see the future;

I see that revolt of ethnicity nailed us,

With excesses of clannishness and rut

I saw oppression from hate and tribal line. 



With prophetic eye I peer to the future

I see that we perished in partiality,

With no compassion as we met our waterloo

I saw that, monsters of disunity delighted. 




With prophetic eye I peer into the future; 

and I saw skeletons hanging from betrayal,

With great incendiary marshes in greed

I saw rage of hunger and misery. 



With prophetic eye I peer into the future:

I see that government became wry

with dilapidated conditions too late to salvage,

I saw the lines of our existence vanishing. 



With prophetic eye I peer into the future 

and saw that we were mad and insensitive,

With corollary lurks of anguish;

I saw that Nigeria ceased to exist.

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About Author

Odeh T. Ngbede is a graduate of Statistics from the University of Abuja. He’s a poet, content and freelance writer, proofreader, blogger, and a lover of God. He’s an avid lover of arts and passionate about reading, writing, research, and public speaking. He’s a KECTIL (Knowles Educational and Charitable Trust for International Leadership) graduate and colleague with certificate of superior performance organized by the Malmar Knowles Family Foundation (MKFF). He’s a pleasant gentleman who lives in Abuja.