Mike Tyson's billionaire friend 'confident' about record-breaking Camp Nou naming rights deal

According to the Daily Mail, British billionaire Alki David claims he is confident he can secure a potentially record-breaking with Barcelona over the Camp Nou naming rights.


David said on this chance: "This is an opportunity that I am bullish about. It is a historic moment in the history of the sport and it fits well with my current plans. Contact was opened at the start of the week and I am quietly confident the deal will be secured."


As for the potential costs, David added: "Manchester City got just over £18million for their annual rights, Spurs are now seeking £25m, but Barcelona are on a different level." 


The 51-year-old spoke highly of Barca's values: "This deal with the Camp Nou is another way to help. It is full of all the energy that Barcelona stands for."


The billionaire revealed he already came up with a new name for the Camp Nou stadium. His health company Swissx could be the right choice.


David said: "Swissx Nou Camp has a nice ring to it. That is my preferred choice at the moment."


The 51-year-old concluded: "Barcelona and Alki David would be a beautiful partnership."


Who is Alki David? Here are 6 key facts:


• David was born in Nigeria but has a British passport.

• The billionaire is the heir to the plants which bottle Coca-Cola.

• His worth is believed to be around £2.6billion.

• The 51-year-old owns two main businesses: the aforementioned health company Swissx and FilmOn.

• He is a close friend of Mike Tyson and the duo run a CBD (cannabidiol) business together.

• David is also a huge sports fan as he tried to buy Coventr y City in 2007.


As a reminder, on Tuesday, Barcelona announced they will sell the naming rights for the Camp Nou for the 2020-2021 campaign to raise funds to combat coronavirus. This will happen for the first time since the stadium's inauguration in 1957. 

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