May Day: Edo Rep hails workers battling COVID 19 pandemic

The commendations were contained in a statement personally signed by the lawmaker to congratulate Nigerian workers on this year’s May Day.

“The present pandemic has clouded our celebrations with an atmosphere of confusion, fear for our health and those of our families, expectations of a bleak economy post-covid-19, and uncertainty about whether workers will still have jobs when this is over.

“In spite of all the negative permutations, two things are key; one, the spirit of the Edo worker is strong and resolute and their passion and readiness to discharge their duties is unquestionable. Two, if provided the right leadership to work with, most of the concerns mentioned earlier would not be as troubling as they are present.

“This year’s Workers’ Day comes at a time like this presents a very good opportunity for leadership to begin to re-examine the issues of workers’ welfare, working conditions, reorganization of administrative structures and systems, increased use of ICT in administrative operations with attendant capacity building, and increased creation of jobs through strategic diversification of the state’s revenue sources.


“Times like this should awaken us to the need for creative and innovative thinking targeted at improving the lots of our dear workers.

“Despite the situation and in line with this year’s theme ‘Stop the Pandemic’ we celebrate our workers, most especially those in the health sector working to protect us from a ravaging enemy. We thank them for their selfless service and sacrifice, as we also thank all other workers for their dedication and commitment to driving the engine that keeps our state running.

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Ibrahim Muiz - May 22, 2020, 8:54 PM - Add Reply


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Christopher destiny - Jun 21, 2020, 6:24 PM - Add Reply

More Grace to them good work

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Thomas Jonathan - Sep 24, 2020, 12:22 AM - Add Reply

Good work, am impress

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