How to prepare Equsi soup (Frying method)


1.2 cups of equsi (melon)  seeds

2. Meat: chicken

3: Fish: Dry fish and stock fish 

4. 2 table spoon of crayfish

5. Pepper and salt to taste

6.3small stock cubes

7. Vegetable : pumpkin 

     Before u start preparing  the equsi soup:

1. Sock the stock fish and dry fish with hot water and live it to soft,  if u are using a hard stock fish boil it for like 15minutes when is ready set aside with the dry fish

2. Grind the melon  seeds and set aside

3.Wash the chicken  with salt very well and pot in a clean pot add maggi,  salt, onions to it and cook for about 10minutes remove the chicken  with the water

4.slice the vegetables  leaves

        Cooking direction

1. Pour the red oil in a dry pot and set to the stove to heat as soon as the oil melts add the ground egusi and start frying, stire it on a low medium  of heat about 5minutes

2. Add the stock fish,  dry fish and the chicken and also pour the chicken water and stock  fish water and stire live it to cook for 2 minutes

3. Add the pepper,  salt to taste,  the maggi and crayfish live to cook for 3minutes u then add your vegetable  and bring it down, your equsi soup is ready 

4. U can eat with eba,  garri or Samvita u are good to go,  yummy 😋 

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Komolafe Abraham - Apr 10, 2020, 2:43 PM - Add Reply

Nice recipe

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Okoro Ebube - Apr 10, 2020, 4:28 PM - Add Reply

Thanks for this article, would give it a try

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