How To Know Your Gas Cylinder Expiry Date.

Expired cylinder can explode any time once the expiration date elapses and that makes it a time bomb.

Each gas cylinder’s Expiring date is coded on the side of the cylinder in alphabetical order. A,B,C,D in quarters.

 A is for March, 1st Qtr

B is for June, 2nd Qtr

C is for Sept, 3rd Qtr

D is for Dec, 4th Qtr

There are some two digit numbers that follows. Example: D06. So if you have D06 on your cylinder, it means that it has expired Dec 2006, and if it is A20, it is going to expire in March 2020.

You can save a life today by sharing this vital information. Don’t just read and shout please. Rush and check yours. Your safety matters.

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