Having Pimples Isn't The End Of Beauty - Read These Tips

Most of us find ourselves in a situation where our looks seem to really way us down due to a defect. We've tried many beauty products for skin care, tried visiting a professional dermatologist and used a lot of chemicals, but it either got worse or remained the same. If you're in this category, then this piece is for you;

Just to cut a long story short,

I've had pimples since Jss education up till university. So I researched a lot and through that, I had a bit of professional knowledge about face caring techniques. You see, it's not all about the products you use but your lifestyle all together and what you eat. I got to know that we have different skin types which requires different approaches too. I personally had an oily skin, which is the landing ground for those with pimples. Try this tips for a healthy facial skin:

1. Avoid stress : Stress is a major cause of pimples due to hormonal changes caused by lack of rest. Hence, hindering the bodies ability to filter bacterias from the body. So, you need it.

2. Replace your pillow covers : Our pillows are probably what feels good on our face the most on a sleepy day. However, it also accumulates dirts over time especially from oily hair and over use. It's time to take it off.

3. Take a cold shower : Doctors have advised that; cold showers regulates body temperature and enhances good immune system. This is helpful because pimples generally are inflammations arising from body overheat.

4. Wash your face twice : Dirts find its way into the pores of our skin. By washing twice at least, you can be rest assured of having your complexion glow.

5. Increase Vit.C intake : This is the most important aspect. As pimples and other abnormalities parade the skin, your skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles sets in. Scars are also left behind after pimple breakout. This particular vitamin is essential for the task of skin rejuvenation.

The list continues on and on as I struggle to manage facial problems. It's a nightmare to most of us. It's such that it reduces our self confidence to such an extent people like me can't afford to speak one on one in public knowing your face is this way. Not to worry, follow this simple routines and you'll be glad at the end.

More points are highly welcomed as the above listed are just few among many.

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