FOR FUN!! A Gun To Your Head, One Of These Players Must Score The Penalty To Save Your Life, Who’s Taking It?

God forbid! Imagine someone pull a gun to your head, but you’re are given the chance to score a penalty else he’s gonna let the bullet out.

The real contest is you are not playing the penalty yourself and you’re limited on choice of selection.

Therefore, the available players to save your life are Zlatan IbrahimovicSergio RamosCristiano Ronaldo & James Milner

All the names mentioned above are Penalty Takerstill you need to be careful on who to take the PK for you as its a matter of life & death lol😂😂.

Note: If your penalty taker lose you’re gone, if he scores you’re free. So choose wisely!

The question is, 👇

Between The Four Players Listed, Who Will You Pick To Take The Penalty For You?

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