COVID-19 : There will be no space in UK hospitals due to the increase of COVID-19 cases

Corona: After four days, there will be no space left in UK hospitals, the situation will be worse in Italy

London: Britain's London and Spain's Madrid are going to be the new centers of the corona virus that has spread around the world. Every two days, deaths are increasing up to two times. Until now Italy and Lombardy had remained the epicenter of the epidemic in Europe. The condition is that after four days in London, there will be no room to keep patients in hospitals.

Around 4.15 lakh people worldwide are vulnerable to this deadly virus. The Italian administration says that the number of people infected every day has reduced to eight percent after the restrictions have been tightened. This number is the lowest since 21 February. The disease has caused the highest number of deaths of 6,820 people in the country. More than 20 thousand cases have been reported in New York, USA. At the same time, 160 people have died.

Italy has a lockdown until 31 July. Over a lakh people have broken the lockdown rule in the last one week. Due to which, the amount of fine has been increased by 25 times by increasing the strictness. Now those who break the rules will not have to pay a fine of Rs 17 thousand but two and a half lakh rupees. There is an army on the streets to stop people. The effect of which is visible.

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