A teen or Eighteen? (First Flip)

A teen Or Eighteen? (The first flip)

By chamberlain Dre


A skinny young woman,

Stood shivering on that cold

Foggy evening,

Selling colourful tomatoes with her baby on her arms


It was quite a tragic sight.

Matted hair, rumpled shirt,

Looking forlorn and sad.

In her bleak eyes a desperate plea

I couldn’t ignore but see.


I bought tomatoes for my loving wife,

My eyes with tears blind.

I was overcome with guilt,

Warm in my car custom built.

This rich poor divide is

Is just getting wide.

Earning a living, lost childhood

I found myself brood.

Basic necessities

To live with dignity

Is everyone’s right

I pondered as she went out of sight.

So young, withered and wane,

Is this Karma pre ordained?

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About Author

Chamberlain dre is a multi-talented genius 😎, with the implants of pushing motivations to the minds of people. A student of History and Diplomatic Studies in the federal University of Abuja, His a poet, playwright, spokenword artist, dramatist,rapper and a blogger to mention a few. Stay connected for all-round updates around NIGERIA and the Globe at large.