25 Largest Cities/urban Areas In Nigeria By Landmass

Many people wrongly assume that the size of a city/urban area is exactly the same thing with the size of the LGA(s) it occupies, but that is very wrong...
This is because the LGA(s) may not be entirely urbanized as a large part or some part of it may consist of Water, Swamps, Forests, Rivers, Creeks e.t.c with an uneven topography which does not support development...

Thank God for the increasingly available technologies like Google satellite maps which helps us to view the world from above and even take measurements.
There is a feature on Google maps that allows you to measure land area and it is with that feature that all the readings below were obtained.

Disclaimer*. The measurements below are not 100% correct as 1 or 2 neighborhoods/suburbs may not be included as part of a city/urban area it belongs to in the process of the measurement..
However, to a large extent this helps to give us a clue or picture as to how large or small certain Nigerian cities/urban areas are.

1] LAGOS TOTAL - Over 1,700km²

a. Lagos urban (including Lekki, Ikeja, Ota, Ifo) - Over 1,270km²
b. Ikorodu urban (including Gberigbe, Agbede, Ogijo) - Over 250km²
c. Agbara-Magbon-Badagry -over 120km²

2] ABUJA TOTAL - Over 850km²

a. Abuja municipal - Over 459km²
b. Karu Urban(including Orozo) - over 188km²
c. Madalla/Zuba- Suleja urban - over 113km²
d. Gwagwalada - 32km²
e. Bwari - 23km²

3] IBADAN - Over 562km²

4] KANO - Over 500km²

5] KADUNA - Over 440km²

6] PORT HARCOURT (including Oyigbo, Choba, Etche, Ogoni)- Over 390km²

7] BENIN - Over 340km²

8] JOS (including Bukuru)- Over 320km²

9] ABEOKUTA - Over 227km²

10] WARRI (including Uvwie, Udu) - Over 200km²

11] UYO - Over 194km²

12] OWERRI - Over 184km²

13] AKURE - Over 179km²

14] ENUGU - Over 172km²

15] MAIDUGURI - Over 169km²

16] ABA - Over 154km²

17] MAKURDI - Over 126km²

18] SOKOTO - Over 124km²

19] ONITSHA (including Nkpor, Obosi, Nkwelle) - Over 120km²

20] ZARIA - Over 120km²

21] OGBOMOSHO - Over 115km²

22] ADO-EKITI - Over 114km²

23] ASABA (including Okpanam, Igbuzor) - Over 113km²

24] KATSINA -Over 109km²


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Okang Eugene Afung - Mar 11, 2020, 12:43 PM - Add Reply

That indeed was very educating

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